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    V4.0 - This new version, incorporates multiple bug fixes and some improvements · a171f69f
    Miguel Angel Luis López authored
    ### Improvemnets
    - The job's buffer generation no longer needs the study area
    - The job's buffer generation no longer needs the study area
    - During the scenario generation the following policies are copied
    from the table population_layers hcost_level, vacant_hu_level,
    infill_level, prioritize_tod_level, beyond_udp_level, only_vacant_level
    -The way to develop new indicators in the tool has been changed
    to facilitate the process.
    ### Fixes
    - The infrastructure_consolidation_costs has been removed from the
    calculation of unfrastructure costs
    - Fixed a bug in the calculation emissions transport,
    the error happened when the square have no values
    for transit distance or job_density_avge
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